Submarine House Plans Dayton-Area Expansion

Dayton-based Submarine House is looking at opening a new location in Huber Heights and is scouting for another restaurant space in the Kettering-Centerville area.

Franchise president Brody Danner said the company is seeking approval from the city’s zoning board to open a new Huber Heights restaurant in the former Fifth Third branch at 5376 Taylorsville Road.

The Taylorsville Road building is 2,300 square feet, but Danner said they plan to add about 1,200 square feet while renovating the space. The restaurant would seat around 100 and employ close to 50 people, he said.

Additionally, Submarine House is looking for a location around the Centerville-Kettering area. Danner said depending on where the find a suitable location, they could either open a new location in the area or relocate their current one to a larger space and turn it into a bar and grill.

In 2006, Submarine opened its first bar and grill. Four locations are bar and grills currently and four are regular restaurants, but the plan is to eventually convert all of them into bar and grills, Danner said.

“Soon after opening the first one, we realized it’s a huge success and that’s the direction we wanted to move in,” he said.

The locally-based restaurant chain started in 1973 and has since grown to seven Dayton-area locations and a restaurant just outside of Columbus.

“We love Dayton. Dayton had been very good to us,” he said.